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*Peek Stack

*Inside Collusion

* Top Slug Controls

* Deal em back

* Stacked Slug

* Culling

* The Turn

* The Rake

High Hand promotions bring the crowds. Have you seen some odd things happening?

Do you always seem to get cracked by something super odd?

Keep your eyes peeled... you never know who is watching ?

Nefarious dealing in the parking lot at all hours.

So many things smell of collusion in this place.

The players are generally the fishiest of the greater Seattle area. Who is winning in this room... "the room" It's extremely hard to make an hourly with "rake" and "jackpot" $30 pot $6 coming out thats 20% ...

with that in mind keep in mind that this isn't a highly regulated casino and dealings within could be just as they seem.

Caveat Emptor....

Fool me once... Fool me twice... " .... " "OO"

Competition = 5 meaning juicy fish and some newbies (but) see above
Promotions and Comps - As far as local cards room and casino's it would seem they are giving it away.
Dealers - 5 meaning there are some very skilled mechanics they have no need for the $1 toke they are getting and their $15 an hr... keep that in mind when you see hand shuffling and peeking cards, muck getting lifted of the felt. (The turn.. no not the 4th card) but the turn.. pay attention.
Food and Drink - 5 very good menu half off of inflated prices. The service can be great or you can get charged a different price depending of which waitress you get. Ask how much before you order...
Management 5 - compared to Muckleshoot/Snoquamie or Tualalip the room is run great. However, it's definitely a know happening that the room doesn't appreciate non connected grinders. (read into that what you may.)

If you got this far into the review and have played here on more than 3 occasions you will see this place for what it really is.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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