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+Progressive Royal Flush Jackpot
•Four total progressive jackpots, one for each suit
•Each will start at $100 and will accumulate 1.25% of the promo drop from the previous day
•Once the hand is hit it will restart at $100
•Maximum $500 payout
•Both hole cards must play

+$10,000 Bad Beat Jackpot
•Aces full of Faces (Jacks, Queens, or Kings) or better, beaten by Quads or better
•Losing hand wins $5,000 cash prize
•Winning hand wins $2,500 cash prize
•All players who were dealt into the hand share remaining $2,500 cash prize
•Both hole cards must play, no more than two Aces on the board, Quads must have pocket pair, Hand must go to showdown

+$50 Shipwrecked Payout (Monday-Thursday)
•$50 Bonus for a Full House that gets beat
•Both Hole Cards must play, Hand must go to a showdown

+$50 Quad Payout (Monday-Thursday)
•Any Four of a Kind Wins $50
•Both Hole Cards Must Play, Must Have a Pocket Pair

+$75 Straight Flush Payout (Monday-Thursday)
•$75 Bonus for a Straight Flush
•Both Hole Cards Must Play

+$100 High Hand Bonuses (Friday-Sunday)
•$100 High Hand Bonus
•Paid at 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, and 2am (following day)
•Full house or better, both hole cards must play

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