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35 Tables
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Hotel & Casino
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$1.25/hr. $3 max. rake all games See below for current promos:

The Orleans Details

The award-winning Orleans Poker Room offers roughly 35 tables of poker action around the clock. Located near The Strip on Tropicana Avenue, The Orleans prides itself on interior design. You will feel like a truly honored guest as you sit in one of their super-soft adjustable padded leather seats. The décor is refreshingly minimalist, with textured square-tiled carpets and ceilings replacing the garish colors to be found in many other poker rooms. The high points of the perimeter walls are inset with large screens, which give up-to-the-minute updates on waiting lists, tournaments, and upcoming Orleans poker promos.


Bad Beat Promos for Hold'em & Omaha

December “dash 4 cash” promo. Earn cash for playing “live” poker from December 1 - 20th: :50 – 59 hours= $100; 60 – 69 hours= $150; 70 – 79 hours= $200; 80 – 89 hours= $250; 90 – 99 hours= $300; 100 or more= $500.

“Dash 2 deuces” progressive 4 of a kinds Make a natural 4 of a kind in sequence from aces to deuces for a chance to win thousands. Make one in sequence on the river and get paid 2x the amount. Non-hit 4 of a kinds will progress each day during the qualifying period. Nearly $2,000 will be divided equally among those hands daily!.

Hold’em “bonus hands” - 11p on Sun thru 9am on Fri, and 11p-9a on Fri & Sat $50 for quads, $100 for straight flushes.

Hold’em “Combo’s 4 cash” - 11p on Sun thru 9a on Fri, and 11p-9a on Fri & Sat Win cash for making a royal flush in hold’em using one of ten suited hole-card combinations AK,AQ,AJ,A10,KQ, KJ,K10,QJ,Q10,J10 Each combo will be seeded at $250. Combo’s that did not hit the prior week will progress by $250!.

“Highest hands of the hour” - 9a-11p on Friday/Saturday/Sunday The top three hold’em hands get paid every hour from 9a-11p on Fri/Sat/Sun. That’s right, not one, not two, but the three highest hands win! $150 for first*, $100 for second*, and $50 for third*! Amounts carry over if there are no qualifying hands made during the hour.

Omaha “combo’s 4 cash” - all day, every day. - Win cash for making a steel wheel or royal flush in Omaha using one of twenty suited hole-card combinations (A2,A3,A4,A5,23,24,25,34,35,45) (AK,AQ,AJ,A10,KQ,KJ,K10,QJ,Q10,J10) Combo’s will be seeded at $250 each week. Combo’s that did not hit the prior week will progress by $100.

Omaha 8 or better “64 low cracked” - all day, every day. Win $50 in $4/$8, and $100 in $8/$16 for getting your 6/4 low cracked by a wheel 24/7.

$8/$16 Hold’em “Dash 4 cash” Earn $50 for every 10 hours played in “live” $8/$16 hold’em games during the weekly qualifying period. Each week’s qualifying period begins at 12:00:01am on Wednesday, and ends at 11:59:59pm on Tuesday.

"D-gen” Poker Hoodie Giveaway: The first 150 players that log 40 or more hours of “live” poker play from November 1st through 30th will receive a “d-gen” poker hoodie.

Graveyard “Dash 4 Cash” – 2a – 10a daily. The top 50 hour earners get paid. Qualify by playing in “live” cash games between the hours of 2a-10a daily. 1st- $1,500; 2nd- $1,000; 3rd- $750; 4th- $500; 5th- $250; 6th-25th- $100 each; 26th-50th- $50 each.

Pro Football Promo: For Sunday morning and night games, Thursday Night and Monday games, seat drawings for every score. FG's & 2 pt conversions $50 for winner and $50 splash pot. Offensive TD $50 for winner and $100 splash pot. Defensive TD/Special Teams TD/Safety $150 for winner and $50 splash pot. For Monday & Thursday night games, two hours before and two hours after the games drawings take place every 15 minutes and a random table will have a $25 splash pot.