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Poker in Reno & Tahoe

Welcome to Poker Atlas, the home of reliable information about poker in and around Rena and Lake Tahoe. Register today to become eligible for a constant flow of member promotions, plus access to North America’s best poker community.

If you are a poker lover looking for some action tucked away from the loud tourist hotspot of Las Vegas, Reno is for you. Quality entertainment is the recurrent theme through the casinos in this area, with all major poker rooms marketing their food menu and music as strongly as their poker tournaments. Speaking of which, the refurbished poker rooms at Atlantis Casino and Peppermill Casino are gaining respect for their event schedules. Various game types and buy-ins are available, often with slow levels to ensure that the most skilful players rise to the top. Classic poker games such as seven-card stud and limit hold’em are particularly popular in Reno, although the trend for no-limit hold’em is beginning to migrate from Las Vegas.

With a tranquil lakeside setting for its collection of great poker rooms, Lake Tahoe is a great location to settle down and gamble in. Don’t be fooled by the sleepy surroundings, though! Intense high-stakes tournament poker action comes to the Lake every year, with the large Harvey’s Casino hosting the WSOP Circuit every fall. Harvey’s offers easily the biggest poker room in the region, one that wouldn’t be out of place in a more metropolitan area. Even in quieter months, Harvey’s joins the region’s handful of other rooms by spreading many no-limit hold’em cash tables, plus dependable amounts of limit hold ‘em, with other games available on request.

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