Update: Sunday SNGs at Aladdin Poker Room Now Internet Style.

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The poker room at Aladdin tweaked its Sunday single table sit-n-go tourneys recently. Now the paybacks are Internet-style: 50/30/20. Aladdin is the only poker room in Vegas doing Internet-style paybacks on SNGs.

At Aladdin, single table sit-n-go poker tournaments run all day long on Sundays. The total buy-in is $60, and 83.3% of the buy-in is returned to players.

The $500 prize pool is distributed to the top three players with an Internet-style payback structure - $250, $150, 100 (50%/30%/20%). Aladdin is the first poker room in Vegas offering this payback structure (which Internet poker players love).

SNGs at the Aladdin poker room begin Sunday at 10 AM and go until midnight. Players begin with $1,000 chips. Levels are 15 minutes long, with the following structure:

200/400 (usually done at this level)

The SNGs are available on a first come basis whenever a dealer is available. There are usually 3-4 going all day long. They last about an hour.

Special thanks to the source that supplied the info about the new SNG structure at Aladdin.

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