Bellagio daily tournaments

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Does the daily 5:00 PM tournament at Bellagio ever attract very many players?

I have played this tournament a few times. The time of day is perfect for me and I like the tournament structure, but seems that there are always only 2 tables participating.

Have you ever seen the daily Bellagio tournament attract a significant number of players? Are there are any time(s) of year, or day(s) of the week, when it is more popular?



  1. The 5PM tournament no longer runs. They moved it to 2PM . It's a $200 buy-in and it has a shot clock. No idea what the turnout has been . Just changed it a few weeks ago.

  2. @robvegaspoker Well that answers the question - guess it wasn't popular! What is a shot clock?

  3. @robvegaspoker Nervermind I read about the structure on Shot clock is a strange rule in my opinion. I've never played a tourney of that nature, before, and not certain whether I would like it. I guess they want to hurry along the action.

  4. @Goodshoe It usually isn't necessary, but sometimes you get a player or a bunch of players who take way too long to make a decision. It's been tried at bigger events, this is the first time I've seen it in a daily, at least in Vegas. I wouldn't be surprised if it catches on.

  5. I definitely think there's a market for a shot-clock tournament. The Aria $300K Super High Roller Bowl uses one very effectively. For an example of excessive tanking, refer back to William Kassouf at last year's WSOP Main Event.

  6. @zzjitterzz Wow, that's an interesting point you brought up. The famous hand with Kassouf you mentioned took forever not because he was tanking, but because he was distracting his opponent, making it impossible for her to think. I wonder if they have a rule about that for the shot clock tournament? I mean, having a limited time to consider your action would be really tough if you had a guy like him badgering you while you were thinking. The only way I can see handling this is, if you have a shot clock, you have a right to demand the player waiting for you to act keep absolutely quiet while you're using your precious time. Otherwise, I don't see how it would work.

  7. @robvegaspoker yeah I don't know how "Speech play" would work with a shot clock, and Matuson really got rattled when the clock was called on her. Kassouf's tanking wasn't shown that much because it was edited out, but every player said the problem they had with him was much more his chronic tanking than his talking. I think a shot clock would limit his talking as he wouldn't have time to formulate a sentence.