Is AVP gone?

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So I no longer see the link to the old AVP forums on the front page, and my bookmarked link leads to a 500 error. Are they gone? Has my blog disappeared? Please say no.


  1. That link at the bottom just points to the table talk discussion of the move over to poker atlas, not to the AVP forums.

  2. ZZ - honestly, other than your blog and the updates on your poker room, there was very little except prodigious amounts of spam in the AVP forums -- I was deleting 15 or so spam posts a day. So, I'm not surprised to see it go away.

  3. Yeah Dave it was pretty spammy over there. I didn't archive my blog so I guess that's gone. Sucks for me!

  4. It would be nice if you at least received an answer to your question.

  5. @zzjitterzz - we apologize for the delayed response. We are aware of the issue with the AVP forum no longer being accessible - this happened during a recent system upgrade. We are actively working on a solution and will post updates here. However, we can confirm that we did not lose any data, including your blog.

    Thanks for your patience,

    The PokerAtlas Team

  6. @PokerAtlas Thank you! Thankfully I've only dealt one straight flush in the interim. :D

  7. Replying here so i remember to put it on my blog if it comes back- I dealt what I think was a King-high straight flush in the Omaha8 game about 2 weeks ago, so another non-paying one. I played last week in my room. $1/2 didn't go well- best hand was T6o getting a 6-6-X flop and beating 86o. I moved over to $2/5 and immediately doubled up Ks9s>TT on a Ts-6s-3s flop, but lost all of that profit in two hands against a guy who I couldn't beat. I had a high pair and each time he would make 2 pair to beat me. Lost a few hundred in the session.

  8. Glad to see the AVP flame is still flickering.

  9. Glad to see the AVP flame is still flickering. Vegas is booked for the week of March Madness.
    And I enjoy reading the blog zz.