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Live Tournament Clocks

Apr 25
9:00am $23 NL Holdem
$800 Guaranteed
Casino Real
Apr 25
10:15am $35 NL Holdem
$1,000 Guaranteed
Club One Casino
Apr 25
7:15pm $60 NL Holdem
$2,000 Guaranteed
Club One Casino
Apr 26
6:20pm $35 NL Holdem
$1,000 Guaranteed
Diamond Jim's Casino
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Poker in Central Valley CA

Welcome to Poker Atlas – the most reputable source of information about poker in your area. Join Poker Atlas now to get the facts about your area’s best poker games. You’ll be one step ahead of the field with full community access and updates on promotions and deals.

Want to know about the poker scene in the Central Valley of California? We’ve got it covered! Framed by the dramatic landscape of the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and the western point of San Francisco Bay, the Central Valley spans 450 miles. This massive expanse is home to more than 25 poker rooms. No matter where you roam in the area, you are never far from a room with between 10 and 20 tables, so you can always get a game started when you are desperate to sit back and play your best game. Many poker sharks call the Central Valley home, including feared professional player J.C. Tran.

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