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Jan 21
12:00pm $150 NL Holdem
The Poker Room at Hampton Falls
Jan 21
5:30pm $100 NL Holdem
The Poker Room at Hampton Falls
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Poker in Connecticut & N.E.

Welcome to Poker Atlas, the local favorite provider of information about playing poker in Connecticut and New England. Join Poker Atlas today to get your finger on the pulse of poker in your area, share your room reviews, and much more!

Connecticut and New England poker players are well located to play in some of the country’s best poker tournaments. The World Series of Poker Circuit is never far away from Foxwoods Casino poker room in Mashantucket. This enormous venue boasts more than 150 poker tables and is familiar even to first-timers due to its television exposure. Mohegan Sun is another sizable venue, with 42 tables, and hosts a number of tournament series throughout the calendar year. Poker in this area is strictly regulated, hence the fact that only Native American casino venues are allowed to spread live poker. Online poker is also not yet legal in Connecticut or New England. Thankfully, there are none of the pot size caps that are enforced in other states during live cash games. Up in Maine, players frequent the Hollywood Casino Bangor for cash games, and they flock to Twin River in Rhode Island for the cash game action (no tournaments, though). In New Hampshire, players have 10 rooms to choose from, but all 10 are charity rooms. Tournaments, however, are plentiful at most rooms, and bigger venues such as Seabrook, Manchester and Chasers (in Salem) have action non-stop during operating hours (rooms are not open 24/7). Massachusetts is set to join the poker scene on September 2018 when MGM Springfield opens its doors with a 19-table room.

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