User Content Guidelines

No hate speech allowed, whatsoever.

  • Racist remarks
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Ethnic slurs or other derogatory labels for a group
  • Politically incorrect jokes that target the disabled
  • Sexist statements
  • Offensive remarks regarding sexuality (gay, lesbian, transgender) remarks

No flame wars; they will not be tolerated

A flame war results when multiple users engage in provocative responses to an original post - while the original post is usually flamebait, this is not always the case. Flame wars often draw in many users (including those trying to defuse the flame war) and can overshadow regular forum discussion if left unchecked.

No spam of any kind is permitted.

What qualifies as spam:

  • Promotion of external websites
    • Unless truly relevant to the conversation
    • Never when a user has a vested interest in the external website (an affiliate / referral link, for instance)
    • Including blatant, irrelevant promotion of personal blogs, tumblr, etc. (again, unless truly relevant to the conversation; they can be promoted in signatures)
  • Nonsense posts (gibberish or posts that add no obvious value to the conversation)
  • Cross-posts (duplicate or very similar posts by the same user in different forums on the site)
  • Attempting to sell something
    • Unless in the Classifieds section, of course


  • Avatars must be in relatively good taste
    • Examples: No exposed genitalia, female breasts, hyper-sexual connotations, hate speech (see above), or overly graphic gore or violence.
    • As a guide, if it couldn’t be shown on primetime network TV, it can’t be used as an avatar.

Possible Punishments

Punishments based on breaking the above rules will be issued on a case-by-case basis, depending upon the severity and nature of the infraction. Punishments could range from a simple warning/deletion of infringing content to account deletion/banning from the site. In extreme cases of harassment/threats or unlawful content, authorities will be contacted.