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I've been playing on this site for over 6 months now, and I tried to have a positive outlook. They offered great promotions and bonuses, however there were times were they had scheduled freerolls and they failed to post them on time. If you win a bonus on the site, they are supposed to pay you within 72 hours, often I found it takes longer than that and I've had to remind them several times.

The software isn't that spectacular, and there are very few players on the site. The great majority of players, I've played with would come on hit and run for $20. The site allows you to rathole (come back with less money). They would win $20 leave for 10 minutes and min rebuy, ratholing the rest. There has been several occassions where the software froze up, and the action on my end stopped, however I was folded out of the hand without it attempting to reconnect. I've also called bets, only to be auto-folded on the next street.

The software needs a lot of improvement. The site allows players to take money off the table and come back with less, for the honest players, it doesn't allow you to buy back in over the maximum if you were to get kicked off. You can button hop as much as you want to avoid blinds. There is no sit out button or feature, there is no rebuy feature, you have to stand up and potentially lose your seat in order to bring more table on to the table.

The support also allows other players to make threats, use offensive language, even repeatedly after being told its not tolerated. They seem to spend more time playing "Poker Police" than fixing the main issues with the site. The also appear to be biased towards certain players and let them get away with such behavior.

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