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Aesthetically stunning. New room so the felts/chips/chairs/etc. all have that new feel. Full swivel and height-adjustable chairs. Subdued decor. Seemed a little dark, but I prefer that actually. Plenty of easily-visible TVs high on the wall. Segregated somewhat from the pit so the noise level was lower than normal. Full Genesis Bravo implementation. Separate room (the "Ivey" room) for high-limit games.

I only played one session for about a hour and a half at Aria, but from what I saw there was the entire range of players - spewtards, nits, weaklings, TAGs, and even some high level ones. I made money but it wasn't easy.

Mechanically sound, personable and welcoming. Appreciative of tips. Joked around with one who joked right back - I like that.

Beautiful and friendly, but didn't come around as often as other rooms. Uniforms are very sexy and classy all at the same time. Didn't get any adult beverages so I can't comment on those.

Greeted and seated immediately. Got my chips for me. Bravo list system.

They've upped comps for promotional purposes to $2/hr and $3/hr on grave. Now if only MGM would get a system as good as Total Rewards it would be perfect.

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