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JMYBFFT wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

A good place to make money

The 'room' seems a little rundown and the tables could use some updating. If you like glitz and glamour stay away. I am not one that needs anything fancy so I was fine playing in the room, but I did not like the long walk to the restrooms. The MGM or Mirage you could use the restroom and miss only 1 or 2 hands, here you missed 2 or 3 due to the long walk. Sometime during the day of 7/7/05 they added a computerized board for waiting players. It is the exact same concept as the MGM, just on a smaller scale. When I played Thursday night they were teaching the staff how it worked. For this small of a room it may be overkill, but it is nice to be able to just glance above the desk and see what they are dealing and how many are on the list.

There were a lot of terrible players. While you can make some easy money here, be ready for some swings as people will stay in with anything and suckout on you. If you tilt easily this is probably not the room for you, but if you can be patient and take advantage of the bad play you can make some money.

The dealers here were respectable and almost all did a good job. We had one 'newbie' dealer who made a couple of mistakes, but most were quite competent. None of the dealers were overly socialable, but again I can take this or leave it as long as they do a good job dealing.

The looks of the waitresses were either hit or miss. There were a couple of younger attractive waitresses while I played and 3 or 4 'more mature' waitresses. They were all quick and gave me what I ordered though.

I rate them as excellent because I think they realize they are the little guys on the block and went out of their way to make you comfortable, get chips, etc.

Did not sign up for any players cards on the trip.

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