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jorgenj wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

Bally's review

This "room" is just a roped off area by the pit next to a bar. If you prefer a more quiet atmosphere for your poker playing I would go elsewhere. I was there the week before the big NASCAR race and a few good ole boys were getting pretty rowdy at the blackjack tables a few feet away. I have no problem with noise, so I was not bothered. The tables have auto shufflers and the tables are still very new looking. There is also an electroic wait list, which also shows the games going at Paris (Paris and Bally's are both owned by Harrah's).

At my 3/6 table there was a great mix of people who knew what they were doing (the guys on my side of the table were discussing 2+2 and PokerTracker) and people who were novices or there to drink.

No complaints, they did a great job.

Since the room is next to a bar the drinks come pretty fast. I have never seen waitresses older than these ladies. They were at least in their 60's.

Management was good. They regularly announce over the loudspeaker that they had seats available. I don't know if that helped bring in people or not, but it can't hurt.

I think it's $1 an hour on a player's card. They do not have bad beat or high hand jackpots altough one of the dealer's said it was in the works.

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