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14 Tables
Daily Noon to 6am
Rocketpoker92 wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

Best on Strip

It has been more than a year since Bally's has relocated its poker room the back corner by the South Tower.

I like it a lot better because it is not as loud as the old location.

It depends. There are days that you have some of the best poker players and there are days that are filled with fish, but these fish are tough to play against because they will call with anything and they will catch @#$% to crack your Aces. A lot of chasing with any pair.

The dealers are competent and are very friendly. Management is fair unlike the Red Rock. That management needs to be fair and objective.

They are efficient.

The room is well managed. The player list is organized. You can call in and your name will be there for 60 minutes.

Management is fair with disputes.

$1/hour. 17 tier credit points per hour. Previously, you only need 11,000 points to become a Diamond. Now, it is 15,000 or 235.29 hours more of poker.

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