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feltbettor wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

Does Anyone Use The Word Bustling Anymore?

Pros: Nice large tables. Shufflers. Wait list times are short. Cons: Noisy and open to casino. Chairs were somewhat comfortable, but not adjustable. 10 handed play (Con in my book maybe not yours)

Played between 4pm - 11pm on Wednesday, March 28th. Either I stumbled into the ability to read souls or the competition was severely weak. I'm sooo wasting my talents at the 1/2 NL game! Right?

I was happy with their speed. They were friendly and talkative. Controlled the game well. One dealer was a little weak on enforcing some rules but overall I had a good time.

I didn't have to wait long for a beer but since the bar was roughly 25 feet away practically inside the poker room I was surprised I had to wait at all. If you play poker to be served Dos Equis by busty lingerie models play here first and get in good with their Grandmother before heading over there.

Seemed everyone was pitching in to help seat guests. Was waiting my turn patiently.

Average $1/hour Total Rewards Comps.

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