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mickeydinsd wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

Good Tables Excellent Waitstaff

the room was situated next to the bar behind other card games kinda low key. the tables were in great condition and the dealers for the most part were very experienced.

it took me an hour to get 5 bucks out of them at the 2/4 table i was sitting at. players at this table were very tough but as the night progressed the "rocks" started leaving and the table got relatively easy.

there were a couple of dealers that appeared to be newbies at dealing poker but most of them were above average contributing to the atmosphere of the game with friendly jestures and personalities.

if you get there when lillian is working she has your drink almost the instant you let her know you're empty. it was amazing and the two words that followed her flawless expedience..."good luck" were rejuvenating

no comps. no bad beats. no jackpots. no NOTHING! THEY NEED TO STEP IT UP A NOTCH HERE!

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melpoker91 wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

false ad

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jayrado wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

$7 rake

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R_M_X_01 wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV


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