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  • Bally's Las Vegas

Went to Bally's. Not sure how I feel about the place. It wasn't bad or anything but not a lot stood out.

I had heard about the chairs being bad. They were right. Certainly that's on the casino to put the money down, not the room. And the room just isn't in a great spot. You really have to be there to play poker to go to it. It's not going to draw people in.

The staff and dealers were way better than the seats. Management was ok and the dealers, while not perfect, were pretty good so nothing to worry about there. Drink were flying though so nice job by the wait staff for sure.

The play is mediocre at best. They do some weird stuff but at least it's fairly obvious so you can protect yourself. When the goofy bets happen, run away.

Comps were ok too. Fairly standard.

So I won't say I had a bad experience or anything. You'll be ok if you go there to play.

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