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JohnyComeLately wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

Smokey, Bad Dealers, High Rake, Dated, and Poorly Run

If you like sucking on second hand smoke, than this is your place. Chairs and tables are ok, but certainly nothing special.

Obviously with some of the highest rake around and being in the middle of the casino, they get their share of weak players. Not sure having to suffer in their poker room is worth it. There are plenty of easy players elsewhere in better rooms with lower rake.

There are some of the worst dealers here that I have ever seen. Most are super slow. In fact there was even an old lady literally came to the table with a walker to deal. She couldn't do math anymore and I constantly had to help her count. No exaggeration - it took a full 8 minutes one time to get a simple 3 way pot right. She may still be calculating it if I didn't tell her what it was supposed to be. Painful.

As close to the bar as they are it seems they would be faster. Definitely not much to see here.

Sloppy and slow. I've seen a couple of questionable decisions that I certainly didn't agree with. Tubby guy that is waddling around and sweating all over the place. Kind of funny.

You shouldn't be playing here long enough for this to matter anyway.

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