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Robbydog wrote a review about Bally's in Las Vegas, NV

SOFT ROOM... A HUGE PLUS in Selecting Your Target !!!

The reason I put Ave. is it's a little noisey and not quite as classy as some of the casinos. But even though it might be a little below ave. in that way, it's not really that bad because of the easy competition. I will definitely play here sometimes.

Tonight it was Very Easy. I got two great hands... and both times I got a player sucked in to paying me off a lot of money. What more can you ask? I could see a lot of players trying hard to use aggression, but it was at the wrong places & wrong times.

They seemed very good. They are hooked together with the floor manager which I guess is a good thing. I started off asking the manager some questions, as well as my 1st dealer. And I think they were discussing me later as I could see them talking and looking my way. So they are "WITH" it !!!

Even though they are probably just fine... they are the least attractive group... a lot of older women. Well, I'm not a spring chicken any more either. But, yeah, not that great looking compared to other places. They'll work out alright, though.

I put Ave. because when I 1st got there he saw me. And he wasn't overloaded or anything, but then he kept doing a couple other things and acted like he didn't notice me. Well I think he was a little skeptical of me asking too many questions then, and kept on looking at me a lot... but in a way that could be a Good Manager as well. So maybe Okay, I guess. But seems like they would roll out the carpet for a brand new person. Their chance for gain.

Not that great. The card is terrible. All the points I had before were deleted because it had been more than 6 months since I had been there. The promotion on quads is only $50... I would feel bad when I hit it. The best part was they had NO bad beat & NO free roll to water down their other promotions. It's alright over-all because the competition is so soft, so I say go ahead and PLAY HERE !!!

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