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The only thing keeping this room from an excellent rating in my book is the lack of cup holders on the tables and how close together the tables are to each other.

I played 3 sessions at the Bellagio on my recent trip. I would have classified my table as relatively easy during one session, somewhat tough the second session, and average the third session. Thus I'm selecting an average rating. Certainly no one with some experience would need to fear playing 1/2 NLHE here in my opinion.

I would have rated the dealers as good...maybe excellent....had one dealer at a table next to me not gone postal on a customer. Now the customer may have deserved it, but the way the dealer handled things was highly inappropriate. Neither the dealer nor the player would let it go. I was embarrassed for them.

Kind of like my rating on the competition at the Bellagio. It varied by session I played. They looked fine, behaved professionally, got my orders correct, and the quality of the drink served was just fine. Frequency of service and time to return with drinks varied significantly by session.

I was treated well by the management. They got me into games as quickly as was practical. My only issue was when they really struggled to handle well the situation between the dealer and player at the table next to me who decided to have an ongoing screaming match.

I'm not even sure what the comps were but appreciated that they have the system where your card is swiped at the table to track your time.

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