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Excellent atmosphere (although a bit crowded). Excellent game selection. This room is on my short list of rooms to play again.

Some regulars and pros, some tourists with money. Very international (European, Australian, etc) clientele. I was at a variety of different table conditions (loose, ABC, etc). Nothing to be intimidated by.

I was at one table with a couple of partying players. As dealers rotated in, they all seemed to be very good at controlling the action without letting the drunks get too far out of line or slow things down.

Guiness, please!

This is a very busy room and I think the podium staff did a good job maintaining waiting lists and getting players to tables promptly.

No jackpot, but also no drop for it. As I mention in my trip report, I dont plan to chase promos in the future, so Bellagio is now on my short list of places to visit. M-Life is their players card, I used comp points for the buffet but I don't recall getting much credit for it.

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