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SonMoney wrote a review about Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, IN

Old school

Located just outside of Chicago this room saw a rise in players and action after Four Winds casino closed its poker room a couple years back. If you stay at the hotel make sure you stay in the new spa tower because the old tower is like a motel 8- I use to come here with my parents when i was a kid and even would tag along when i turned21- The casino is really outdated and offer a 12 pack of pop to new members who earn 300 points lol-the slots look really old too- their self serve pop/coffee cups were just a clear solo cup and strofoam cups ok now onto poker.... they had 6 tables going 5 1-3 games and a 2-5(which actually had some deep stacks) after signing up they said grab some chips for a new table opening i did and table was drawing for high card 5 min later- i was the youngest player being in my late 20 and everyone else was over for- i could tell right away everyone knew eachother from the conversations and how they looked at me- the action was really soft - if i was in early position and had say QQ id just limp and someone made it 6 and id make it 30 and get two callers- i actually busted 3 players this way including the same guy twice who put all his chips after announcing "i have nothing but maybe ill getluck".... later on i had QsQh on the button and reraised a lady from 6 to to 16 she called-flop Kh5h9h-7s-As- she bet all streets inuding a 100 all in river bet which i eventally called she shows j10 and i table my queens for the win and the whole table looks shocked as how i could make the calls-i ended the night up about 400 after a 3 hour session-the floor also was kind of rude when i asked basic questions- i probably wont go back unless i get compd a room due t0 the almost 2 hour drive and redic hotel cost- oh yeah the breakfast buffet sucked a lot of processed food..

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