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TWB wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

What a room!!! Finally Caesars doing it right!!

December 7, they are getting rid of the promo dollar drop. They are the only ones in the Caesars group to have a $4 flat rake. I was briefed that they will be giving away cash every 15 minutes, and $10k seats at midnight. I know Ill be there playing.

As for the room, 16 tables, well lit, good action on the 1-2 (wait for the 2-5) at the time. They had about 8 games at 11pm. Got into the 2-5 and it was juicy. Wasnt soft but yet wasnt tough either. Made some good money. Cant complain.

Dealers were friendly and knowledgeable. Ive read reviews that the dealers were idiots, and thats is not true for sure. The suit on duty was all over the place (bald guy Ryan) and dealers seemed lost when looking for him (seemed to vanish often). Grave yard suit came in (skinny guy with beard) and the staff seemed to relax. Lot more friendly than the B or the V.

Overall, the room is great. Cocktails were standard, and I didnt order food. I know someone did order from Gordon Ramsey's Pub. It smelled good. $2 an hour comps and 34 points in the 2-5.

Ill be back for sure!!!

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