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Cgmmagus wrote a review about Chasers in Salem, NH

Could be more accommodating to their players

I'm a regular plo player at chasers, play 4 to 5 days a week. Been asking Management for a high-low plo game for seven months, only asked for one night a week. Always same answer, " we'll discuss it in your meetings." Went to Boston Billiards Monday for first time, chasers was closed, played plo high. Had a great time. I asked them if they will run a high low game, they said "just get us the players, we'll run it. Texted people Tuesday, had a full 2/5 hi/low game, with a strong list on Wednesday night. Had 7 or 8 chaser regulars in the game. That's how a poker room should be run. If you have the players, "run the game", sounds simple to me. Signed CM.

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  • The PLO community in New England is still very small--but growing. To offer alternate games of Omaha will fracture the players into even smaller groups and this will cause issues.

    Chasers is grateful for all the PLO players who come to Chasers and we hope all the players who enjoy playing here will continue to help us grow the great game of PLO/Omaha.
    Signed MW.

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