(603) 912-4604
Minimum Age:
Poker Tables:
16 Tables
Mon-Fri, noon-1am; Sat-Sun, 11am-1am.
  • Chasers Poker Room

This room is well run, the dealers are great. great promotions, especially on Sunday. food is ok but could be better. I herd they were changing their menus soon. Needs to expand. Needs more parking and more tables.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Chasers Poker Room

NEW Tuesdays
The Big High Hand
12pm-2pm $500
2pm-10pm $1500 (every 2 hours)
10pm-12am $500

High hand eligibility:
Must have $20 in pot; minimum of 4 active players; minimum qualifier of full house for both high and low hands. To get credit for a high hand, cards must be tabled within a qualifying period.

NEW Mondays & Wednesdays
$500 Omaha high hands, every 2 hours from 2-10pm

NEW Starting March 1
The Mega Chase
Minimum qualifier: quad 8s. Increases $2K every Friday (begins at 10K)
The Omaha Chase
Minimum qualifier: quad Aces. Increases $1K every Friday. Qualifying hand reduced each week until quad 10s is reached, stays there until hit (begins at 3K)

Eligibility: Min. $20 in pot, 4 active players; all hole cards must play; pocket pair needed for quads.
Prize breakdown:
40% of jackpot to losing qualifying hand
20% of jackpot to winning qualifying hand
40% table share for active eligible players
(If Mega Chase is hit, it will not trigger 10K chase. Players are only eligible for one jackpot win at a time)

Catch of the Day Progressive Jackpot + High Hand (increases $50 every 30 min.)
Early bird bonus high hand 11am-1pm $500
1-10pm: $300 high hand every 30 min.
Late night bonus high hand, 10pm-midnight, $500

Rolling high hands, 1-10pm, $500 every hour; $300 bonus rollover each hour for best unbeaten high hand
Bonus high hand, 10pm-Midnight, $250

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