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37 Tables
Sun-Thu: noon-1am. Fri-Sat: 11am-1am.
  • Cheers Poker Room & Casino

Room is very nice. The dealers are well trained. The rake is the lowest in the state. I like the fact that they use different chips to distinguish between the rake and promotion chips. I like the auto shufflers as they get more hands out compared to other rooms.

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Announcements from Cheers Poker Room & Casino

Due to an unforeseen license issue with the NH State Lottery, we will be closed for the next several days.

Please pardon the inconvenience as we work to correct the issue. Thank You !

May Promo cash out at the cage until June 14 at midnight

Friday: 5:00pm $50+$5/50/50 ‘Friday Night Nickel’
~10k+5k DAO * (1) ReBuy $50 10k (1) AO $50 15k at break
20-minute levels * Reg/rebuy/addon until end of 1st break (6:10pm)
8:00pm $40+$5/40/40 ‘Curtain Call’
~10k+5k DAO * (1) RB $40 10k (1) AO at break $40 10k
~15-minute levels * Reg until end of 1st break (9:40pm)

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