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Mon-Sat, 2pm-midnight
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Nut1g wrote a review about Chicagoland Poker in Arlington Heights, IL

Cheating, collusion, regulars upgrades

Rockford charitable is a soft game with easy money however some players cheat and openly in front of the dealers that just don't care.

One instance a player with shuffling his cards but was placing certain cards in sequence into the deck by looking at them face up. Dealer does nothing exact cards I saw him put into deck appear on board twice.

Some players received favors from the house before final table such as additional chips from no where during break.

Very shady host and and organization. Also cash game rake is what ever they feel like making it for a particular hand.


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Announcements from Chicagoland Charity Poker

Please visit RCG Poker for today's event location.

(NOTE: events to be held at 2 locations on most Fridays)
NEW Six Multi Table tournaments offered daily (Starting Dec. 30)
1:00pm - $40 buy in Early Bird late entry 1st break 2:30pm
2:00pm - $125 buy in 2 table late entry 4:00pm
3:00pm - $40 buy in late entry 4:30pm
4:30pm - $75+5 buy in Mid Day late entry 6:00pm
6:30pm - $125 buy in Night Owl late entry 8:30pm
7:30pm - $40 buy in Late Bird Late entry 9:00pm
High hand every 30 minutes wins $25 / 20 winners per day starting at 1:30pm
NLH Cash Games several tables offered at all locations starting at 1:00pm to 11:30pm.
$1 & 2 blinds, $50 to $400 buy in
$1-3 Blinds, $100 to $500 buy in
$2 & 5 blinds, $200 to $600 buy in
PLO RxR every Mon. Wed. Sat., $1-2 blinds, $5 bring in; $100 - 1K buy in
PLO BIG O H/L8 every Tuesday, $1-2 blinds $5 bring in; $100 - 600 buy in
PLO High every Thursday, Friday & Sunday, $1-2 blinds, $5 bring in; $100 - $600 buy in
Charity Rake on all cash games 10% of the pot up to a $5 max. with additional $1 taken on any pot run twice. and $1 on any pot $25 or more for 20 High Hand winners daily.
Call or Text Amy for more cash game info or to reserve a seat, (224) 402-9986
Vegas style Blackjack offered at all events / New 3 Card poker, Jack or Better dealer qualifier.

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