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Decided to give DP a visit last week. I'm glad I did.

I went on a Tuesday knowing I'd walk into a slow quiet room with weak action.

I was placed on a short list and after 20 minutes a seat became available.

Prior to sitting I was hungry and the choices to eat were pretty poor. So I remained hungry. As soon as I sat however a cocktail waitress was beside me asking what I wanted.

The game itself was weak for about 2 hours. I was up about $15 from picking up KK & JJ scooping some blinds & limp folders. Finally some action sat down quarter to 9pm. An Indian gentlemen who dumped $200 into the first hand he was dealt and then mucked at showdown. He called and played the next 6 hands as I watched. He proceed to lose another 200 with QT on an A33QJ board in a limped 5 way pot.

After another hour and this individual being in the game for $600 and no stopping in sight I finally got heads up vs him. Simple hand AK vs XX on a board with 898K4 and I held up. He called 15 out of position. Checked flop, with me. Called 35 on the turn, and called another 55 on the river, he didn't show despite me thinking he is about to turn over 6-8, and he mucked.

I started to wonder why I didn't visit this room more often. The 1-2 played fairly standard once this individual left quarter to 1am. I was up almost 225, and I noticed the majority of the table was up 200 or more including an older gentleman wearing a gulf stream from Florida hat who was up nearly 1000 and was the last player to beat the indian guy All in for nearly 300 with AA vs AQ on an Q83TT board.

I believe there was 4 1-2 nl and/or a 1 limit game table going, no 2-5 or larger game that night. Once I was seated I was not paying much attention to anything but my table.

I personally enjoyed my time here at Delaware Park. Granted a review is always one persons experience based. The Casino was right off of the i-95 south exit, parking was free, a gas station & a few restaurants were nearby.

For a 1-2 game (despite the season being 1 single player), the action was great especially for a Tuesday night. I'll be going back in a couple weeks to do a follow up review with much more details.

Room was also fairly clean and the dealers made no mistakes and kept the integrity of the game thru out the time I was there.

Good luck.

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