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vampiresteel wrote a review about Dover Downs in Dover, DE


They forget we are playing for real money at a casino not a home game. the dealers spend more time being cashiers buying people into game the first two hours than dealing, with the blinds only 15mins this is crazy plus half the dealers coming to table did know how many chips to give to new players or what the add on's where. this taking even more time from actual playing time. casino staff should bring new players to table ready to play not interrupt the game that has already started. very unfair to people who show up on time ready to play. this all makes for very frustrating play. Dealer actually pushed pot to wrong player twice . was to busy talking to local players to know what was happing at table. at final table with 15 min blinds dealer could not count the chips correctly
had to call floor over to do it . very frustrating to have to just sit and watch the time click off clock while they play around with chips. not very professional at all. if you want to play in home game style games play here. just be ready to get frustrated

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