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Ncyzz1978 wrote a review about Downstream Casino in Quapaw, OK

a joke

Concur with the previous rater "trickyonetime". From rotating new poker dealers learning from players training them as they go ... lol making costly mistakes to players, to more experience incompetent poker dealers. Have only themselves in mind and not necessarily building a poker room experience with players in mind. I played in poker rooms all over the country. My ex is one of most competent and sickest dealers dealing at tables with millions on the table ... currently runs one of the best poker room in country.

This is my personal experience with the downstream poker room.

Saturday night 2/11/23 I was the one of two players drinking and rest of table was “waiting on aces/playing like nits”. I was annoyed at being there and talking smack to the guys. Brooke poker dealer comes in deals and as I was talking to the table … tells me “that’s enough” as if I was one of her 5 kids. Outside of this poker room - she has no place to talk to me that way especially when me and the players weren’t even arguing. Outside of this poker room.. no one talks to me like that at all ... I’m a 40yo woman with educated background and a boss in every aspect of life. But I try my best to stay humble until someone like her wants to step up and try to put me in my place? Let’s go.

I responded to her something along lines of her having to deal poker for her kids which is a known fact … but I guess she felt offended or ashamed so she responds at least I take care of my kids. It was a Saturday night and I took that night to play poker ... my kids are with their dad. Anyway, if I wasn’t drinking I wouldn’t bother talking to these people and keep my mouth shut but because I was ... truth comes out.

I said to all the players if they had a problem none of the guys said a word. No one was making an issue besides her. She wanted a problem, I’ll give u one.

Anyway Brooke tells Matt who was poker supervisor to “get her out of here” ... I told him what happened of course he is on her side.
Matt as far as poker dealing or flooring ... I just have no words besides I have to have very low/ no expectations. I have love for the game of poker, feeling excited to play, but when I think if he was there either dealing or flooring, seeing his face makes me go limp for poker.

I had pocket aces one time said raise “25” threw a green chip out … one of new poker dealers was busy talking to the players.. said it was just a call since he didn’t hear or see. I called floor.. Matt comes over and sides with dealer said it was just a call for $2. I had pocket AA. Flopped 10-10-4, frank my nemesis and one of regs had 10 and stacked me. Clear cut example of new dealers and incompetent poker supervisor-Matt.

Anyway back to this recent interaction. I request to talk to the moc manager of casino I recorded the interaction they asked me to leave poker room for the night but can still be on casino floor. Tonight I called casino back and made another report when I’m more clear headed. I’m just embarrassed to be here alot ..dealing with a poker room and some staff that is honestly just plain @#$%.

I’m never one to make a review or hardly complain bc I know people need thier jobs. And I’m not always right. But thier job is based a lot on interacting with players and when they want to step up and make things personal. I’m going to have to make my expierence be known. Dispute this taking some of my time in which I can find many better things to do with.

Downstream “poker” Players are nitty, afraid to lose money that they don’t have and the regs that are relatively good make for bad games.

I suggest action players, fun players and players with money have gone elsewhere where they are valued. Others have left.

My suggestion from closest to further out: indigo sky 30 min , harrahs nkc 2.5 hrs, Choctaw Durant 4.5 hrs. And anywhere in Texas are great places.

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**High Hands on -- Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday in August and September** Win cash or seats into the 50K GTD Satellite's (6 seats given away each day!)**

A** Satellites into the 50K GTD event will be Saturday September 23 and 30 @ 3pm, Friday September 29 @ 6pm, and Wednesday October 4 @ 6pm. $150 entry fee with 1 in 5 advancing to the 50K GTD event.**A

** We will have a 50K GTD Event the first week of October! $500 Buy-In with three flights Thursday October 5 at 6pm, Friday October 6 at 6pm, and Saturday October 7 at 3pm. Everyone that moves on to Sunday October 8 at 2pm returns in the money. We will allow double bagging!! With your best bag advancing and any additional bags will be paid out by chopping the prize pool between everyone that had multiple bags. (Please ask poker management any questions you might have!)

** When the tournament restarts on Sunday October 8 at 2PM the breaks will be adjusted to accommodate every 1.5 hours.**

(There will not be any high hand promotions on September 1, 2, 3, 29, 30.)

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