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alexplo wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA


Biggest win for encore so far was Gary. Very attentive to the players, professional, knowledgeable and not lazy. Huge difference compared to Foxwoods, where director and some floors are clueless and never listen and often hide. Most floors are very nice as well.

There were some discrepancy in rulings. Would be nice to have a rule book easily accessible to players especially since there are a lot of rules that are different from other local rooms, such as posting when moving from blind position, after player had to rebuy, changing seats, transfers, exposing cards and so on.

A lot of strong dealers but also a lot new and sometimes arrogant dealers that get defensive. Overall significant improvement from first few weeks.

It is nice to see few more items on the menu. Besides lower prices would be nice to have more healthy choices, food that is easy to eat at the table without using hands and just more choices. So many players would love some Mediterranean or Mexican choices. Ability to eat at the table is huge for me.

Room is gorgeous and well planned. Chairs are comfortable. Restrooms are clean and very nice. Only couple minor issues are frequent temperature changes and sometimes very loud speakers that unable to hear anything at the table. Cage is not as fast as chasers but much faster than Foxwoods.

Great variety of games and stakes. Would love to have even lower mix game so it is not huge for players who want to try without loosing a lot. Would be nice to have Big O(5 card Plo8) rake for 5/5 Plo is frankly too high compare to most places. New dealers don't help

Game flow:
Small rack and not being able to play cash creates very frequent transactions that slows down the game. Seats take long time to fill.

good looking and very pleasant. Sometimes there are none to be found, and then several at once.

Dollar an hour, no rooms, no gifts. Foxwoods or Mohegan are much more generous in that department

Good. Games 24/7. Monday and Tuesday can use tournaments

There was so much worry. Free parking is great!

Poker Atlas:
Super convenient. Ability to sign up for games and see lists is 21st Century.

Good action, well run, poor food choices, some dealers need training, almost no comps, great management, gorgeous and nice waitresses, well organized and comfortable room.

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-Poker Room closed until further notice.

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