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Dealers and Floor were great.

Fri - Can't buy-in at the table, asked to stand in line at the cage then ask a floor man for a seat. Get a seat, game is running smoothly. Man plops down chips in seat 7, sits down and throws up. Game stops for 10 minutes and we move to another table. The two guys that were losing don't make the change. Food service menu is lime a small snack-bar menu. $14 hamburger comes in plastic container with plastic utensils. Hard to find a cocktail waitress. Later we're told to "run" as the ceiling collapses. (not lying, look it up) We leave without cashing out.

Sat: Only 1/2 the room open due to damage which is expected I guess. Day is uneventful except beverage service really sucks. I already mentioned the bad deal on food.

Sun: I didn't really think the service would get worse but it did. Maybe because it's Sunday and they staff fewer people. Ordered food and looked for the cocktail waitress. Food was cooked, delivered and eaten before a waitress was spotted. She was dropping off so she said she"d be back. Next time we saw her she was dropping off again.

You would think the collapsing ceiling would have been the breaking point but it was the terrible service in the end. I had a two weekend trip here but I'm going back tomorrow.

It's too bad Boston players have no choice. Well, not bad for Encore I guess.

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-High Hand Promotion:
November 1-26
Noon - 10 p.m. ALL weekdays
$1,000 every 20 minutes
(eligible Texas Hold'em games)

November 27
Noon - 10 p.m.
$2,000 every 20 minutes
(eligible Texas Hold'em games)

(Valet cannot be validated with poker play)

Schedule posted through November.

Are now available for use at casual food outlets.
(Poker Grill, Bru, Garden Cafe, On Deck Burger Bar, Red 8, and The Buffet)
Please see Poker personnel for information on how to activate your comps.
(Must be done BEFORE each purchase)
Thank you all for your patience with this matter.

Active for all raked Texas Hold'em games.
($2-5 NLH and below)

Available for all games except $1-3 No limit.

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