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weebet wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

The Real Deal

First off, I'd like to thank some the players for writing appropriate reviews. I wrote 1 of the 1st 10 and while I was admittedly a bit gracious, I did so expecting an onslaught of negative reviews about a great room, and that happened. Slow drink service (they're free) Parking prices (do the rooms in NH, RI, CT Western MA pay for gas? No!!!) Bad new dealers, they're learning we MA resident's voted YES for Casinos in turn those Casino's promised to hire and train staff for ALL jobs not just low level personal. All the training in the world cannot and will not get people ready for the Real Deal, those who can't muster it will either leave out of frustration or be asked to leave. Good Dealers?? They're leaving as quick as they got here due to cheap players, THEY DON'T POOL TIPS, reward the good, let the bad try and survive on bad tips. Also as someone who's worked on tips very successfully as a Server for 20 years, spreading misinformation about pooling tips is very irresponsible, don't assume, we know what doing that does. Bad players?? you can't love donkey calls that don't catch 1 of their 8 outs for a flush after the flop, then hate them cuz they got runner, runner for 2 pair, yes Poker is gambling, yes lucks involved if you only play the Nuts, and only go all in with such every time you got them pre or post flop, you'll lose more than any fish, guaranteed. In closing an anagram that describes most players


P.S.: The folks running this room are unparalleled, IT problems aside, if they where computer wizzes they'd be in Silicon Valley making billions as we all would

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wob wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

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