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I am impressed with the poker staff,cashiers,runners and the food staff. Excellent, very caring and very pro active. They have been trained well with a very clear and established approach of success. I have been here since the soft opening and have seen a lot of changes in the staffs approach since the beginning. The managers rival any great 5 star facility in vegas. They are very understanding but deal out the correct rules and regulations pertaining any Winn property. The food is good but valued on the high side but before there are complaints this is what you expected from any five star property. The only complaint is a very common theme at Encore in Boston. Service by the waitress staff needs a fire light under their service. Instead of friendly fast waitress staff. We have an array of sloths who feel they are deserving of a tip instead of earning a great income based upon service. This is the most furious aspect of the entire operation. Instead of carrying more on their trays, which results in more tips, they produce less tray congestion and longer waiting times. Fourty five minute wait is good and fast. I don't understand why the food and beverage manager accepts this procedure. This is totally unacceptable for any service rated industry forgot a five star facility. I have even tried to give a red bird for my coffee and that only left with an expectation of more money for even slower service , and having to put splenda in my luke warn coffee myself. I guess I should accept slow service but it's a hard pill to swallow with any sort of customer service.

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Announcements from Encore Boston Harbor

December 3-20 Tuesdays / Wednesdays $500 every 30 minutes
Fridays $1,000 every 30 minutes
12:15 p.m. - 12:15 a.m.

Available For All Games Except $1/3 NLH

(Valet cannot be validated with poker play)

Schedule posted through December.
$250K Guarantee 12/26-12/29 - $600 Buy in

Are now available for use at casual food outlets.
(Poker Grill, Bru, Garden Cafe, On Deck Burger Bar, Red 8, and The Buffet)
Please see Poker personnel for information on how to activate your comps.
(Must be done BEFORE each purchase)
Thank you all for your patience with this matter.

Active for all raked Texas Hold'em games.
($2-5 NLH and below)

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