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There is a popular idea on poker forums at various sites that 2-4 limit holdem isn't beatable because of the rake. The contrarian in me doesn't really believe this, so I decided to take a trip to Vegas to experience the 2-4 game myself. I called several card rooms and the only one that had a consistent 2-4 game was the flamingo. This Casino has a reputation for a heavy scent of tobacco smoke. I have stayed at this casino before and I do remember this heavy scent of smoke. But this time around I didn't notice it at all and I played for 7.5 hours in this session.
I arrived at the casino around 10 am and was seated immediately. The cocktail waitress came around about every 15-20 minutes. My only complaint was the portion size. I asked for water and the water bottle they gave me was half the size of anything you find in a store. Alcoholic drinks seemed normal sized though.
The dealers seemed competent enough. Some of the players would hold a bunch of chips in their hand and slowly drop chips onto the table when calling, betting or raising. It didn't bother me since it wasn't a no limit game but I could see how it might annoy some players.
The players were a friendly mixture of locals and tourists. The locals all knew each other. There was frequent complaining of suck outs but it was done in a lighthearted joking way. Many players played too many hands. Cold calling raises happened more than it should. But otherwise play was pretty solid. Betting was rarely capped. I guess overall the game can be considered soft.
Somewhere in the middle session I hit quad kings and was paid $50 for it, although I was told if I hit it after 4pm the pay out would have been much more. Later in my session I had one of the high hands of the hour with kings full of queens and was paid $75 more. Again it would have been more but there were some hands better than mine that hour.
Overall my feeling is that 2-4 limit is profitable. Through 7.5 hours of play my win rate was 2.4 BB/hour not including the high hand bonuses. If I include the bonus money my win rate jumps up to 26.2 BB/hr. I know I need a bigger sample size but this is a promising start to my limit holdem activities.

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