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Monday-Thursday 11am-3am; Friday 1pm-6am, Saturday-Sunday 1pm-3am
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gtotony6465 wrote a review about Freerolls Katy in Katy, TX

Not a poker room!

Free Rolls is not a poker room.
They are to busy trying to be cigar lounge, banquet room and who knows what stupid idea the come up with next to bring people in. The rules change from day-to-day. The tournaments have a very bad structure and in the management doesn't seem to give a @#$% about their customers the dealers are rude and completely oblivious to poker period. This place and the dealers and staff are a disgrace to Poker.
Their food is @#$% the dealers are the worst I've ever seen ever.

  • Food: We just implemented a new food menu and the customers seem to be pleased thus far.

  • gtotony6465 - We are so sorry to hear that you are not happy with our business model but overall, the Katy community has been very happy with our not just being a poker club. We don't believe in being a single faceted organization and with 10,000 square feet of luxurious space - we have so much more to offer than many other places.

    The Aces Cigar Lounge has grown to over 100 members in less than 3 months and we have recently rented the venue to major corporations for events and functions. We also will be the only poker club where people can come to have a casino party without spending thousands of dollars on venue and game rentals!

    We are certainly not what most poker clubs are but we never intended to be - regular. We are innovators and trendsetters and if that bothers a few people here and there - its not our intention but its just a part of being different.

    Rules: We update our policies and procedures at times to reflect the best experience for our customers.

    Tournaments: We are actually working with consultants from Las Vegas to develop a tournament schedule and structure that will have broad appeal.

    Dealers: We have received 521 responses to a recent survey and our dealers, across the board, scored an overall 89% satisfaction rate. We certainly do care about our customers and if there is ever a situation where a customer feels they were not treated with respect by any staff, the owners are usually on site and have an open door policy.

    Thank you for your feedback and while we must respectfully point out that your opinions do not reflect common consensus, we always give customer input its due attention.

    Again. Thank you.

    Team FreeRolls

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We are back at our Home location. Come join us!!



Regular Hours:
Mon - Thur: 11am to 3am (or later if games are still going)
Fri: 11am to 6am
Sat - Sun: 1pm to 3am

Cash Games:
1/3, 2/5, 5/5, 5/10, and 10/25 NLH
1/3 NLH + One Hand PLO and 1/3 NLH + 2 Hands PLO
1/3 and 2/5 ROE
1/3, 5/5, and 10/25 PLO
Additional Games Available by Request.

AAAA Aces Cigar Lounge is now Open!! AAAA

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