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  • Freerolls Poker Club - Katy

When they originally opened I really liked this place and wanted them to be successful. Lately with the new management (John?) I just don't like the direction. In particular the must move policy. I have never encountered it at another poker room where they always must move people to one table thus always killing the flow and action at one table and stocking a main table with grinders and huge stacks. I played at Prime last night for 5 hours and didn't have to move once. I will still play on occasion out of convenience but not my first choice. The other problem is the dealers. They have some good ones but obviously have some undertrained dealers that need to go back to school if there is such a thing.

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  • Great News! We have now made the must move rule more flexible by allowing volunteers in the next up does not wish to move. The only caveat is that if there are no volunteers the next up must move but today it worked great and there were always volunteers!
  • TxHax281. We truly thank you for your comments. While some customers not liking the must move is a side effect, the main purpose is to protect the main game(s) from breaking, and to give players on the wait list a chance to play rather than sit around waiting for a seat to open. However, we are always evaluating policy to determine where it can be improved but at this point, the complaints about our MM policy are few so a change is not likely but we will continue to strive for great customer experience. Again. Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate your taking time to offer it. FREEROLLS

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Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: 11 am to 3 am
Thursday - Monday: 11 am (Thurs) until 3 am (Mon) *** We are open around the clock.... Come join the fun! ***

$50k GTD Freebuy Tournament
Sept 9th - Sept 15th, 2019
10 flights (one @ 10am and one @ 6:30pm)
$0 Buy-in + $45 Security Access Fee
$330 Re-entry

30 min Levels
Play a minimum of 15 levels per flight or until 10% of field for each flight remains.
More details @

Cash Games:

**** Daily Happy Hour Specials from 11am - 2pm ****

1/3 , 2/5 , 5/10 , and 10/25 NLH
1/3 ROE
1/3 and 5/5 PLO

New Tournament Schedule:
All tournaments use the Big Blind Ante format

Wednesdays @ 1pm:
$3k GTD NLH Tournament -- $160 Buy-in w/ $80 Rebuys / Addon
Monday and Wednesday nights @ 7:20pm:
$3k GTD NLH Tournament -- $160 Buy-in w/ $80 Rebuys / Addon
Tuesday and Thursday nights @ 7:20pm:
$1,500 GTD NLH Tournament -- $100 Buy-in w/ $40 Rebuys / Addon
Friday nights @ 7:20pm:
$5k GTD NLH Tournament -- $230 Buy-in w/ $100 Rebuys / Addon
Saturdays @ 3pm:
$10k GTD NLH Tournament -- $340 Buy-in w/ $140 Rebuys (2 Max) / Addon
Sundays @ 2pm:
$250 Freezeout NLH Tournament

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Hourly Security Access Fee:

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