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The Golden Gates casino poker room is cramped and caters to cash games. Even while playing in a deep stack higher dollar buy in, HPT tournament, they still broke down tables in order to fit in cash games. People from out of state that flew in to participate in this tournament were quite irritated. Whenever I go to the Golden Gate casino I typically encounter one out of every 3 dealers to be rude, and one or two inatentative as to the actions of the players on the table. They are simply there to collect a paycheck and get out of there, and it's obvious. I would give them 3 stars because their parking is easy to find, very plentiful, and their poker room is easily accessed. The big pluses are the guys who run the intake table in the poker room and floor bosses, they are friendly and knowledgeable, and wont treat you like an idiot if you ask a stupid question.

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