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allin67 wrote a review about Golden Gates Casino in Black Hawk, CO

Very Good Colorado Room

Read a recent review of the "characters" in this room. I don't disagree. As a regular in this room, I am glad I haven't been there in a few weeks, or the description of the annoying characters might have been about me! I do agree that there are characters in this room, but I actually like that. I find the competition at the $1/$2/$100 games to be mixed. A fair amount of loose passive play. Some regulars like to slow play big pocket pairs pre-flops, with the obvious mixed results that this strategy can produce. Loose passive locals tend to buy in for shorter stacks ($100 to $200). Occasionally this room draws some pretty good players in town for the various large poker tournaments this room hosts. White this room does probably get more tournament than cash game action, the room can be running a half dozen cash tables or more on the weekends. My only real complain about the room is the $5+$2 rake. The do offer $2/hour in comps and they have free soda machines available to you can save some money on drinks if you are cheap like me. Good dealers, floor, and staff also add to the room.

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