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Flopper wrote a review about Joey Armadillo's in Niles, MI

It is what it is...

OK - so in the list of venues that folks have in the Tri-state area, the small little place that is Joey Armadillo's may not even be on your grid. After all, it certainly doesn't deliver a comp-structure consistent with major casinos - that's not its' thing. It's a small-time, charity-driven, poker club. While the rake isn't a killer to begin with, ($1 on the $10's up to a $6 max), the great news is that the profit isn't going to fund some huge cathedral. A majority of the money from both the cash games and Tournaments is funneled directly back to local charity organizations.
The players are obviously local, and many are low-level grinders with a simple grasp on the actual statistical theory behind poker. The great majority of the players seem to simply play there out of convenience. The dealers are knowledgeable, friendly, and keep the games loose and enjoyable. Management does a good job at maintaining card etiquette and ensuring that rules are consistently enforced. The food, (though only bar food), is much better than expected, and the weekly specials are inviting. The pizza is actually quite good.
Listen, it's not Vegas, but if you're in that area and want to play some cards, you'll spend at least $30 and 60 minutes to get somewhere that is only marginally better. If you're at or near the South Bend/Niles area, they're definitely worth the stop-in.

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