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5 Tables
Thursday, 5pm-2am
  • Joey Armadillo's

I thought that a $ 30.00 buy in would keep the riff-raff out of the game but there seems to be no dollar value that would keep the bingo players from playing.With 4 to 8 times the blind raises every hand and 4-5 callers every hand there is no poker being played here it's all just a big lets try to get lucky game.Waited 2 hours before I was dealt a decent hand.But that didn't stop everybody else from chasing down 10:1 odds your whole stack was going to go in every hand with multiple players seeing the flop turn & river.I had played on free poker leagues and these players were worse than the free poker players I used to play. There were a few good players but out of the thirty players only 4-5 were playing good poker.I will not be going back if I wanted to play bingo I would go to a bingo hall,if I want to play lotto I would buy a lottery ticket.


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