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themusicman4u wrote a review about Joey Armadillo's in Niles, MI

Your local donkfest

To support the review by aheadcase, it is indeed a massive donkfest. Now while I wouldn't expect as much from a $40 tourney as he does, I at least expect a game. Let me give you some action and you can make your assumptions from that:

Blinds are 100/200
I'm in the BB with a 17k stack (starting stack is 20k) the whole table limps around to me, and I look at 2 red aces. I 3b to 2550... And the whole table calls (that's right, the whole God @#$% table... Even the guy with 4k behind) the flop is 72j rainbow. Sb checks, and before I can put out any sort of c-bet, the utg player literally throws his chips (subsequently splashing the pot) into the middle. It wasn't until utg +1 snap called (12k) that the dealer reminded them both that I was still in the hand. After droning a bit, I decided to let it go... And I'm glad I did. Four more players snap called the all in.. Are you ready for the hands?? J4, 74, 72, A7, J9, and K10.... seriously. Now typically, this is the @#$% you want to see, but this was just @#$% insanity. I don't remember a single flop that went less than 5 ways, and every other hand was a minimum 3 way all in with complete trash (even saw a 52 all in call on a 49T board... "back yard straight draw" he said) I think there is money to be made off these donkeys, but you better be lucky as @#$%. I normally play at the horseshoe, firekeepers, or the Hollywood, so maybe I expected too much, but Jesus Christ I have never seen a game this @#$%.

The dealers were your typical Michigan crackhead type, and were pretty sloppy. One thing I will say, is the crack helped them keep the game moving along.

The food was decent, and the beer cheap.

All in all, I would say this is a good place to go if you want a beer, burger, and play bingo.

Want to play poker, go anywhere... I mean for the love of god anywhere, but here.

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