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15 Tables
Mon-Thurs: 2pm-2am; Fri: 2pm-3am; Sat: 2pm-3am; Sun: 2pm-2am
bobwhite2281 wrote a review about LKQ in Buford, GA


The only cash room around , without driving to Tourist Trap Cherokee N.C.
No Limit Texas Hold'em (The Cadillac of Poker)
Good Food , and Beverages widely available inside the Venue , because it's also a Great Restaurant.
No Rake
Good Nostalgia and History behind the Venue itself .
Plenty of Room & space for parking and elbow room .
Very comfortable chairs & tables w/ cell phone chargers.
Several live TVs with Sports etc
Dealers are highly trained , and seldom make mistakes.

Alot of Local Regulars , that seem to be colluding at times.
Alot of unrestricted musical chairs amongst players disrupting the tempo of games
Too many chips and racks moving around freely , possibly being illegally transferred between spouses & players without Cage .
Some players joining Games OVER Max Buy In limit
House tends to show favoritism towards Certain players while ostercizing other players .
Dealers must be tipped with special chips ONLY , which cannot be in play .
You must pay by the hour for your seat , 20 $ , and 25 $ to gain initial entry into the room .
Unlike a traditional card room where you are ONLY taxed in RAKE once you Win a Hand , here you are taxed with the hourly fee the entire time , thus making it more difficult to win .
Alot of Young Staff Promoted beyond their Proper Station.
Bathroom situation needs much improvement
Must wear face masks on Certain nights .
The Legality of the Cash Room is questionable ,as it is in the ,State of Georgia, but many Believe the manner in which the game is ran , is in fact LEGAL .
I'm no Lawyer , so not really sure, but so far I have never encountered any issues on that end.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Little Kings and Queens

Starting 2/15/2021 our new hours of operation will be Sun-Thur 2PM to 2AM, Fri - Sat 2PM to 3AM. We have Happy Hour everyday from 2PM to 6PM!

Reminder - We are 100% mask required (worn properly) at ALL TIMES.

LKQ would like to thank ALL of our PLAYERS for the success we had with the Adventure Bags Program, F.R.E.E. and the computer stations that will be going to the Home of Hope in Gwinnett! You guys are really making a difference in our community and we, along with many others, really appreciate everything you do!

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My experience

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Local Poker Room

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