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Georgiayank wrote a review about LKQ in Buford, GA

Have now been there twice....will be back

Waited to write my review until my 2nd visit, which occurred over the weekend. Overall, very positive. I gave the food a top rating based completely on hearsay as I did not try any of it. Servers were very attentive and friendly, so there is that.
Management and staff including dealers all very professional. Dealers just as good as Vegas and frankly more consistently good than those in Cherokee as Cherokee has recently hired a bunch of new dealers with mixed results. Here, all the dealers I encountered were very experienced and again, professional.
A different “rake” system presumably to comply with whatever charity exception under which they operate – this baffles me but they’ve now been there long enough operating out in the open where I presume it has to be completely legitimate. $20 to get in and then $15/hour (discounted from 2-6 pm) compares very favorably with the normal poker room rake system. There is also a further discount to purchase time in bulk which carries over for future sessions. Those who can’t do the math to figure out why this is better than other rooms…well, please play at my table….
Not much on promotions which is fine with me as promotions are pretty much just bingo anyway.
Good action and typical assortment of characters, rec players, pros, semi-pros and others you’ll see at any poker room.
One slight issue is their COVID procedures. While they generally require a mask, and their website says they do so, there were people in the waiting area to get in without a mask and one woman wore a crochet mask, i.e., the kind with holes that does absolutely nothing except cover part of her face. They also do not regularly sanitize the chairs except on request. Also unlike other rooms they are 9 per table with no plexi-glass. Like all poker rooms they allow people to drink at the table but also allow eating – which obviously can not be done while wearing a mask. Fortunately, this will be less of an issue as people get vaccinated, but I will not go back until I am fully vaccinated. I appreciate the divergent views on this issue but just wanted to share how they are treating this.
Again, once fully vaccinated I’ll be back.
One last thing -- googlemaps struggled to get me here -- I ended up putting in The Tannery which is the building in which they are located, and got here just fine.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Little Kings and Queens

Starting 2/15/2021 our new hours of operation will be Sun-Thur 2PM to 2AM, Fri - Sat 2PM to 3AM. We have Happy Hour everyday from 2PM to 6PM!

Reminder - We are 100% mask required (worn properly) at ALL TIMES.

LKQ would like to thank ALL of our PLAYERS for the success we had with the Adventure Bags Program, F.R.E.E. and the computer stations that will be going to the Home of Hope in Gwinnett! You guys are really making a difference in our community and we, along with many others, really appreciate everything you do!

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