I like the location of the room in the casino. Even though it could be more closed off and get a higher rating I'd rather it be open to draw the fish wandering the casino floor into the games.

People tend to wander through Luxor with the attitude "Where should I lose some money next?" And a lot of those people will wander into the poker room. The only reason I didn't give this room a 4 for competition is because it draws a number of locals to the NL game. They don't play under the radar either. You'll know who they are cuz they know the dealers personally and talk back and forth all night! I frequent the table games at Luxor but it was only my second time in the poker room so I felt like I'd walked into Cheers and I was the only guy not named Norm. I'm sure this isn't the scenario every night and I just got lucky picking that night to first try NL. The competition at the limit tables is definitely a 4. Always an easy game in here at one table or another!

I only play late at night and these guys are very friendly and keep the game moving smoothly. Some are seasoned Vets and there are a few who have make a few mistakes. I'll take personality over a robot dealer at 3am any time!

The cocktails servers reload very close by and if you tip pretty well ($1-2/round) they'll be back quickly! Tip more than that and they'll have you falling out of your chair! And quite a few of the girls I wouldn't kick out of bed either.

The poker room manager answered every question I had in detail. Really friendly as well! This is just a great groups of guys!

I haven't played enough for the freeroll yet but as I was cashing out the dealer told me about it once he realized I was a local...and I must say it's the best deal I've heard of in town! If I start playing poker more regularly then I will definitely log 15 hours/week at Luxor!

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