Its a smaller room, basically just off the casino floor. Tables are nice enough and and decent condition, but nothing spectacular here.

Sometimes during the high hand bonuses there will be some local grinders there, but for the msot part it is a tourist type of crowd that are not too tough.

Not very many screw-ups, all of the dealers are really friendly and personable. They like to see everyone have a good time, a lot of younger dealers as well.

Cocktailer's were typical Luxor(older, not that hot, etc..) but very nice. Drink service was really fast and the drinks were really good.

Smaller room, so there is not always open tables or a lot of action but the poker bosses do they best they can. The tournaments are well run for sure and they all seem to know what they are doing and are friendly and courteous.

Have a high hand bonus on tuesday mornings, don't know much more about the comps

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