Nothing too special. It seems a little small compared to the big name casinos (MGM, Caesars, etc) but I guess that's to be expected. The lower limit tables don't seem to use shufflers. But otherwise the setting was adequate.

Most of the players there were just having a good time. Nobody seemed really competitive or angry about bad beats. Just a friendly game.

No dealer issues. Some of them actually know some cool tricks.

Nothing to break your neck about here. And the service isn't as timely as I would've liked. Sometimes it took over 30 minutes for a waitress to come back. And it's really annoying how the waitresses for the casino floor have an entrance right next to the room, so you think they can take your order...but they don't.

Nothing special here either. Basically robots watching the room.

Some guy who was there earlier won a bad beat before I got there, something like a few hundred.

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