It has officially move next to the sports book. Great location next to the bar and bathrooms with plenty of plasmas in the room and adjoining sports book.

Lots of friendly tourists waiting to give you money. Of course with a local rock or two at each table but with everyone chatting it up they are easy to spot. And not all of them are that good anyway.

No problems with any disputed pots, rule violations, or misdeals in 3 days. A couple are more lively than others and keep the table loose by talking it up the way I like it. I know some people want the dealers to be a rock and just do their job. Danny and Rich were my favorites.

Not much to look at. One even looked like she had makeup on for Halloween. But generally pretty efficient.

No lists were actually up that I knew of. Pretty decent and friendly unlike the snobs such at the Bellagio.

Great room rate. I qualified for the frequent player chop and got a free $50. Talked to some of the others and they said it ranges anywhere from $40-$80 depending on how many people are present because you have to be there from 4-7pm on Saturdays and the chop is at 7pm. Free donuts every morning also.

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