Extremally Small....It is located on the side of one of the gift shops. Probably 10-11 poker tables. It felt like it was barely added to the casino. The room itself is not a room merely traingular shaped enclosed by small gates on the side of the casino near the corridor leading to the rooms.

Players generally only bet if they knew they had the best hand..otherwise folded, or stayed for the turn if they thought they had a gut shot.

Dealers actually took a while to figure out the best hand..two misdeals when I was there. Very Freindly but overall boring.

Horrible...what cocktail waitresses...the casino isnt making money off the small room edged out on the side of the casino near the exit..no waitresses came.

Not too bad, managed quiet well.

Wouldnt know here I was comped when I was on the trip to begin with

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